Digital Oxford Event Launch

The Digital Oxford Event Launch takes place today at Modern Art Oxford

The event, and the group, has the aim of making Oxford a UK digital hub, such as Manchester and Bristol

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For the social media doubters (still) out there……

For the social media doubters (still) out there, the below list shows the reach of social media when measured against the populations of the largest nations on the planet.

If you still think social media is a fad….think again!

  • Facebook
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Video Marketing 2015

White paper from Studio8 Oxford on – Video Marketing in 2105

A great read if you’re thinking about videos for your digital world

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2105 Transparency website & Social Media


Make your business transparent.





In 2015 make it easy for potential buyers/clients/suppliers etc. to understand your business. Be transparent in your digital world so people can partner with you without any surprises.

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