10 things you should know about your website







Doing the job we do we come across a lot of business owners who haven’t got a clue about their websites, but could tell you about eveything about the cars in their business or mobile phone policies.

Trust me if a phone gets lost or cars breakdown you can get a replacement within hours. If your website goes down alarm bells start ringing for days! Therefore these are the 10 things you should know about your website:


1. Is your domain registered in your name?  – Too many times we hear horror stories of domains being registered with the web developer who has just gone awol!  If you don’t have the domain registered under your own details do it today.

2. Do you know when your domain renews? – as per point 1. if you havent got the details you can’t renew your domain which could impact both your website and in some cases your email.

3. Who hosts your website? If your website does go down you need to know who to call to get it back up and running. Have a contact at your hosting partner on speed dial, dont leave it to your developer.

4. Are Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools coded on your website? If you haven’t its then impossible to monitor and improve the performance of your website. We know a good company who can help with this! 

5. Do you own the images on your website? If you don’t know check it out today somebody could mount a legal case if the images havent been acquired correctly. Images on a website should be refreshed every 12 months so buy some images and make sure you own them.

6. Do all the email addresses on your website work? Once every quarter you should check that all emails work, and that the destination of the email is still a relevant person within the business. Leads from your website could be going astray!

7. Can you accesss the back end / content management system of your website? If not, how can you change the content, add news, update images etc. If the person responsible leaves or is ill you could be left in the lurch. Obtain the username and password details today.

8. Do you own your website? Sometimes we come across businesses who pay their developers a small monthly retainer and arent sure if they own the website(s). If you don’t own it the site could be closed down without your control! Find out the exact contractural and ownership details.

9. Do you understand what’s driving traffic to your website? If you don’t understand what marketing activities are having affect you could be wasting a lot of time and money!

10. Do you know who’s coming to your website? Again, are your marketing activities attracting the right target audience.


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