What is the best time of the year to change my website?

When we wrote this blog we looked to see if there was any information on the topic, and we were slightly disappointed in that the information we found was more akin to technical issue matters such as:

  • website working on mobiles
  • rankings are low
  • its slow to load
  • site not easy to update

however the question of an upgrade was more ‘ yes we’ve understood all of the above ‘ but physically/chronologically when do we change the website?

  • Is it driven by the developer, when he / she / they can do the project?
  • Is it driven  by financial limitations?
  • Do you have internal resource to deliver the project ?
  • What impact might it have on the brand and/or sales?

All of the above have an impact on making the decision but ultimately we think its should correspond to visitor engagement.

We are all creatures of habit and new websites need to time to bed in people, and for people to get used to them, how it works, where things are etc., and as such we believe June / July are the best months to start and implement a new site.

The visitor metrics (unique and returning) of most businesses take dip in summer months so this is the optimum time to make changes and get them bedded in for the final two calendar quarters of the year.

Psychological people come back after the summer period and need a lift so a new site with more focused information, easier navigation, and new fresh images will stimulate your audience.
A new website is usually good for business (M & S may disagree with online sales being down since the change of their website in February) so think about when your going to change yours next.

If you want any help with planning a website change talk to us : 01865 595707 or email chris@glooo.co.uk