Bing v Google search review – Is there a big difference?

Bing v Google

Bing v Google review





Of late Bing seems to be catching up in the ‘search race’ , and with a 110 million people using Microsoft Windows 10 we can see why!

So we did a ‘ search review ‘ between Google and Bing to see if there are any differences with regard to the structure of search results:

 –  Search options : Bing – Web/Images/Videos/maps/News/ Explore and Google – Web / Maps/ News/ Shopping/Videos/More/Search Tools

–  Adverts : Both engines provide paid results. Google now limit to a top 3  for the top of the left column. and unlimited on the right hand column. Bing unlimited in both positions.

–  Map : Google Maps is very clear with detailed listing of all people who have ‘ Google My Business ‘ listings, Bing Maps is very clear also but limited to the actual listings which appear, with the results more ‘ localised ‘ as opposed to ‘ brand ‘ heavy on Google.

–  Map listings : Google results limited to top 3 shown with show more listing option, with Bing showing a top 5 with further listing options.

–  Organic results : Standard results on both but again more ‘ localised ‘ results on Bing.

–  Footer : Google provide a ‘ related options ‘ section based on long tail keyword results, whereas Bing provide more paid advert results.

Although not a lot of difference. It might be worth analysing your visitor traffic and seeing which format your traffic profiles find you on, and ensure that your business profile is completed accordingly.