Don’t go cheap on Hosting services !

Does your server hosting room look like this ?

Server hosting room







In the beginning you would commission a developer to build your website and he/she would come up with a wonderful concept / design and all the focus of the project would be on getting the look & feel right for the site. Possibly the last conversation of the project would be hosting services and a quick “…oh its £ 10.00 GBP per month… ” conversation would take place and that would be it.

STOP ! this can’t happen anymore. Going cheap on the hosting services of your website is going to be detrimental to your business !

What should I do ?

The hosting conversation needs to be 2 fold and needs to be understood by you as the website owner

  1. what are the hosting service options  ?
  2. what do you get for your money ?

The threats now posed by hackers are increasing on a daily basis, not only for individuals on PCs – antivirus, malware etc. but more so Servers within hosting platforms.  So it’s imperative that all the necessary security updates take place on a regular basis to ensure that your website isn’t a host for a hacker!

Check today:

  1. how much are you paying for hosting ? If its under £ 20.00 GBP per month – review matters immediately.
  2. get a detailed list of services that your hosting company is providing, and ask how often updates are made. If they cant provide this information quickly and easily review matters immediately.
  3. make sure google webmaster tools is implemented to your website and have it reviewed in house or outsourced so as to ensure any security issues are known immediately.

Act today, don’t go cheap, and don’t wait until your site starts to perform badly.

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