Have you got a thick pipe?


Bandwidth pipe






Yes size is important and if you haven’t got a thick pipe it may be causing you issue when viewing your website!

Google tells us that the structure of our website(s) must be good to get the best search results: navigation, image size, content density etc. but this all goes out of the window if the bandwidth pipe at your hosting platform, or in your building is too small.

If the bandwidth isn’t right the experience in opening your website is going to be bad, and as such could lead to visitors (potential clients) leaving your website before they have properly engaged.

Check today – open your website at work, at home, and at your largest top 5 clients. What is the experience like?

Does the home page open instantly?

Do the images open immediately?

Do videos open quickly?

If not there maybe a bandwidth issue somewhere into your building or with your hosting company. Call your IT department or the hosting company and ask for a bandwidth usage report.

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