” I never know what to say on social media ! ”

Im so confused about what to say on sociial media

I don’t know what to say!







A big concern for a lot of businesses considering social media is what to say.  For us all content is good content however trivial it may seem.  But in general if you need a guideline then we recommend the following schedule, with an 80/20 split between ‘information’ and ‘selling’ content.

50% of content should inform / entertain:

1. Interesting photos and videos

2. Questions posed about your clients industry

3. Client stories

30% of content should be educational:

1. Industry stats

2. Hints and Tips

3. Advising on Blog posts

20% of content should promote your business

1. product updates

2. Offers and promotions

3. Asking for business

If you want more help with planning producing and managing content please contact is on 01865 595707