Potential New clients

new client sign post

Here are the top 10 tips for finding new clients from your website and social media

  1. get a real time or weekly list of the corporates visiting your website
  2. follow any relevant corporates on social media
  3. add corporate visitors from your website to your social media platforms
  4. set up Google alerts for ‘multiple’ visitors to your website
  5. find online articles written by potential clients and respond to them – ask a question, make a comment about the article, and add a link back to your website or social media platforms
  6. invite potential clients to groups or events on social media
  7. prepare a poll on Twitter or Facebook aimed at your potential clients needs
  8. send relevant You Tube links to your potential clients
  9. write content and add link to your potential clients website
  10. link (social media) to your potential clients suppliers and partners