Social Media It’s a long race

Its a long race

Grand National start






It’s a long race

So with the Grand National just around the corner it reminded me that social media is a long race with the potential for some disasters. But ultimately if you keep jumping, and stay the course, you will get to the winning post.

The race is 2 and a quarter miles with obstacles in the way:

– Beeches Brook,

– The Chair,

– Canal Turn

The way to win the race is to keep strong, and dont get bumped or distracted by the other riders.

A lot of people I speak to still think social media is a waste of time, and it doesn’t work. I think this is born out of the fact that they were fallers at the first fence!

Social media is about staying the course (its not going to happen in one month, after a year of activity you will start to see the benefits)  jumping smoothly  (just inform, help, & advise your target audience) and once you’ve shown you staying power people will engage.

BTW our Tip for the race is : The Package

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