Potential New clients

new client sign post

Here are the top 10 tips for finding new clients from your website and social media

  1. get a real time or weekly list of the corporates visiting your website
  2. follow any relevant corporates on social media
  3. add corporate visitors from
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Don’t go cheap on Hosting services !

Does your server hosting room look like this ?

Server hosting room







In the beginning you would commission a developer to build your website and he/she would come up with a wonderful concept / design and all the focus of the project would … Read the rest

Bing v Google search review – Is there a big difference?

Bing v Google

Bing v Google review





Of late Bing seems to be catching up in the ‘search race’ , and with a 110 million people using Microsoft Windows 10 we can see why!

So we did a ‘ … Read the rest

10 things you should know about your website







Doing the job we do we come across a lot of business owners who haven’t got a clue about their websites, but could tell you about eveything about the cars in their business or mobile … Read the rest

Broken Links arent sexy !

broken link

A broken link makes your website look bad!






So you’re searching the internet for that product or service and from you research you find the perfet website: interesting images, an engaging informative video, good simple … Read the rest

Selling on Pinterest!

Pinterest logo

Pinterest now offer a selling platform !






Pinterest – The visual bookmarking site is offering a selling platform...so what does this mean to your business ?

Historically for ‘business to consumer’ retail and product … Read the rest

” I never know what to say on social media ! ”

Im so confused about what to say on sociial media

I don’t know what to say!







A big concern for a lot of businesses considering social media is what to say.  For us all content is good content however trivial it may seem.  But … Read the rest

Have you got a thick pipe?


Bandwidth pipe






Yes size is important and if you haven’t got a thick pipe it may be causing you issue when viewing your website!

Google tells us that the structure of our website(s) must be … Read the rest

Social Media It’s a long race

Its a long race

Grand National start






It’s a long race

So with the Grand National just around the corner it reminded me that social media is a long race with the potential for some disasters. But ultimately if … Read the rest

Public speaking scares me to death !

scared face

Scared face







I love the internet, I love websites, I love social media and I love talking one to one, and leaning about them all.

But what scares me to death is doing public … Read the rest