Your Glooo Services

Your  Services delivered by Glooo. We are always up front and honest about our costings, and simply charge a monthly fee with no hidden extras. We don’t commit clients to any long term contracts, and so there is no risk to partnering with us.

Your Glooo Services

– Weekly Lead Generation – Corporate visitor spreadsheet report (who’s visited, what was looked at, etc.)
– Monthly reporting (standard metrics with further recommendations and suggestions)
– Quarterly reporting
– One off 6 or 12 month reporting
– Internet Footprint reviews
Video Monitoring service
Social media monitoring and management
Content provision for blogs and news
– Project related work

– SEO services provided by our strategic partner 

Image and Video review

Included with your report is a monthly or bi monthly review meeting with Glooo to discuss the report details.

We are producing the reports to make your life easier and help you make your business decisions. All documents are written in plain english with easy to read sentences.

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